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Three Zoological Parks : 4th in Development
Privately : Owned, Managed and Operated
Diverse Collection : 3,500 specimens
Species : 150+

Our Mission

Zoofari Parks - through its Virginia Safari Park, Gulf Breeze Zoo, Alabama Safari Park, and soon-to-be Texas Zoofari Park, is dedicated to wildlife conservation through public education, captive breeding programs, habitat preservation, and providing financial aid and assistance to projects in the field.

Shaping the Future

Along with our colleagues at Virginia Safari Park, Gulf Breeze Zoo in Florida, and Alabama Safari Park, we constantly strive to provide a first-class experience for all our guests and, at the same time, further their understanding and respect for animals. Through funding generated by visitation and visitors' participation in unique animal encounters, we educate our visitors about the importance of protecting animals and their native habitats. We also support more than 130 organizations globally that work to ensure that animals thrive in the wild.

You can learn more about our conservation partners on our Conservation page.

We also offer annual grants to organizations that do work locally, nationally, and internationally. Find out who we’ve supported recently and apply for a grant on our Grants page.

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At our family of zoological parks, we understand the importance of diversity, human, animal, or otherwise. It is that understanding that compels us to create a diverse, welcoming, and inclusive environment for our guests and team members.

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Zoofari Parks owns and operates three extraordinary zoological parks in Virginia, Florida, and Alabama, offering a unique drive-thru experience. Our fourth and largest safari park is in development in Texas.