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Quick Facts

Virginia Safari Park : Natural Bridge, VA
Gulf Breeze Zoo : Gulf Breeze, FL
Alabama Safari Park : Hope Hull, AL (Montgomery)
Texas Zoofari Park : Kaufman/Terrell, TX (Dallas)

Our Parks

Zoofari Parks owns and operates Virginia Safari Park, Gulf Breeze Zoo, and Alabama Safari Park, which collectively bring in more than 600,000 guests annually. Zoofari Parks recently purchased 900 acres in Kaufman, TX, and has begun developing Texas Zoofari Park, which will open to the public in 2023. With a focus on conservation through education and animal welfare, founder Eric Mogensen has dedicated his life to caring for animals worldwide. He has spent over 50 years mastering animal care and nurturing conservation programs to help at-risk species worldwide.

Our story began with the opening of Virginia Safari Park in 2000, soon followed by the acquisition and reimaging of Gulf Breeze Zoo and then the development of Alabama Safari Park. Our story will continue as we expand into Texas, keeping conservation at the core of everything we do.

Virginia Safari Park

Virginia Safari Park was established in 2000 and is a beautiful 180-acre drive-through safari park that is home to more than 1,200 animals representing 85 species, many of which are endangered. Guest delight in feeding huge bull elk, bison, zebras, deer, and even the shy bongo while on safari. Virginia Safari Park also features walk-through exhibits, including Tiger Territory, Penguin Plunge, the Australian Walk-About, Giraffe Feeding Overlook, free-flight bird aviary, and more. The park offers unique encounters with their crash of Southern White Rhino, African Penguin, and sloth. Virginia Safari Park is also home to the King Cheetah, Africa's rarest cat.

Conservation is fundamental in the Park's daily operations. To date, the park has supported conservation efforts in more than 130 countries.

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Gulf Breeze Zoo

Before the acquisition in 2009, the Gulf Breeze Zoo, then known as Zoo Northwest Florida, had been hit by an economic downturn and faced the damages of Hurricane Ivan, resulting in permanent closure. Due to strong efforts from the previous owner and Zoofari Parks, the animals were able to stay comfortably in their own homes until the park was officially purchased, renovated, and rebranded to great success.

More than 200 major and minor renovations have been made to provide the utmost comfort and care to more than 1000 animals of more than 70 different species that call the zoo home. The transformation continues with three new exhibits opening in 2021, along with behind-the-scenes encounters with Nile Hippos, Reticulated Giraffes, and sloths. Future expansion for 2023 is in development.

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Alabama Safari Park

Alabama Safari Park, a 350-acre safari park, opened in 2018 and works to provide animals with as natural a habitat as possible for the more than 450 animals living there. It features a 3-mile road where guests can feed Banteng, Grevy's and Grants Zebras, Watusi, Bison, Eland, Sable Antelope, and many other exotic animals free-roaming and up close, without barriers.

The park also features engaging walk-through exhibits and a beautiful Giraffe Tower where guests enjoy feeding numerous Reticulated Giraffe. Alabama Safari Park is currently in expansion mode with new exhibits under construction and exciting behind-the-scenes encounters in development.

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Texas Zoofari Park

Texas Zoofari Park, a 900-acre safari park, is the most recent park built by Zoofari Parks and opened on March 24, 2023.

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