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With a focus on conservation through education and animal welfare, Zoofari Parks is dedicated to caring for animals worldwide and offers a unique drive-thru experience for guests at its parks.

It was very fun for all! Drive was beautiful and took us over an hour to drive though. The village had more than we thought! Kids and adults enjoyed the day of fun!

Virginia Safari Park

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Absolutely an amazing experience! The animals are wonderful gentle giants and awe inspiring to interact with. The staff was amazing and seem to really enjoy their jobs. Definitely glad I read the reviews first about getting extra food.

Alabama Safari Park

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Beautiful and well-organized zoo in the heart of Emerald Coast. The staff is super friendly. Animals are kept in a very decent environment and look to be happy and very well cared for.

Gulf Breeze Zoo

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We practice wildlife conservation by participating in captive breeding programs, supporting habitat preservation and providing financial aid and assistance to international conservation programs through annually awarded grants and ongoing partnerships.

Eric Mogensen, CEO Zoofari Parks, LLC

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Its Newest Orangutan, Satu

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Zoofari Parks owns and operates four extraordinary zoological parks in Virginia, Florida, Texas and Alabama, offering a unique drive-thru experience. Our fourth and largest safari park, the Texas Zoofari Park, opened on March 24, 2023.